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  • Florence Labaze

The Dunkin' Effect

My toddler can’t read, but he knows when I drive by a Dunkin’ Donuts. He recognizes the logo and there is a shop every few blocks. The visual repetition of the brand reinforces his desire for the product. Even if he can’t remember exactly why he likes it so much, Dunkin’ is everywhere. So in his mind, it must be time for more donuts with frosting sprinkles whenever we pass one.

That is what content marketing does for your business: it creates constant recognition. Even if your customer or potential customer does not know why they like your product or service, they remember having just seen a mention of your business somewhere, so it must be time to check you out and use your product. Even if they don’t have use for your product or service at that moment, you remain on their mind. That repetition increases the chances that you’ll come up in conversation during the day or that your business will be the first one that comes to mind when the need for your product arises. Pretty cool huh?

Since we’re on the topic, does anyone else feel like having coffee and donuts or is it just me?

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